Friday, February 28, 2014

100c DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

Hello everyone

So last time I wrote we were about to start the DTaP clearing after a month long break. Shortly after that post, we dosed Noah 1x with the 100c and waited to see how he would do. Thankfully, the aggravations last week were minimal. Some mild coughing. The gains, however, have been anything but mild. He has been doing wonderfully.

Here are a few things we have seen emerge this last week:

1) Imaginative Play- We saw Noah, on his own, take a love bug he made in school and fly it through the air

2) Noah came home a few days ago and started saying "bus", "school" and "miss Carrie"... he was so excited because he was trying to tell me how his day went, even though he doesn't have the words yet, he understands the basic concept of communication by putting words together to express something, to tell me a story. How exciting is that?!!!

3) He is singing various songs (in his own way)... he knows some key words and then babbles through a lot of the song, but I can usually figure out which song he is trying to sing.

4) He was able to say his whole alphabet too- A to Z

5) He has been willing to give me a kiss on the lips (which I usually have to steal)

6) He is allowing the ABA therapist to shampoo his hair and pour water on his face!!!!!!!! This alone is SOOOO huge. I mean we have been dealing with bathing problems for a good year or more. And get this--- he had a tantrum this evening because he wanted to get a bath and he could not! Things have really changed.

We are so happy with the gains we have seen. It has been amazing. And I cannot wait for more healing to emerge from this clearing. This week we dosed Noah twice with the 100c. No strong reactions yet. We will be moving up to 200c next week. I will continue to keep you posted as we continue to use CEASE therapy.

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  1. We are two and a half years into our journey with our four year old son, who is on the spectrum, and I cannot tell you enough what homeopathy, diet, and early intervention has done for us. We've made our son's ABA therapists total believers in alternative therapies after they've seen how far he's come. The sky's the limit for our kids! I'm also chronicling our journey at Always nice to connect with other moms going through the same thing :)