Saturday, August 23, 2014

Almost Done with the DTaP Clearing! Much Needed Update on Noah

Hi guys

So sorry I disappeared for a while.   We have taken many breaks over the last months when it comes to the DTaP clearing. Part of this has been due to Noah's busy schedule with ABA therapy and his special ed preschool. The other part is because we got lazy and tired of the detox reactions. This clearing has been very different from the Hep B. Hep B showed more large gains. DTaP's gains have been more subtle. Noah responded with more physical illness in the beginning of DTaP and around 200 we noticed that the reactions were more emotional than physical. Tantrums have been a big reaction these last few levels of dosing.

We are now at 10m. One more week with two doses and then we move on to the next clearing. Thank goodness.

Some big changes with Noah since April:

-More interaction with others, enjoys being around other children

-Language continues to develop. Has echolalia but he is singing songs and repeating sentences he hears. He is struggling still with formulating his own sentences. We work on this daily.

-He is exploring new foods with the help of ABA. This is huge.

-He is brushing his teeth and bathing without any problems. He loves water and dumps water on his head without any problems.

-He loves looking at books and is trying to read them out loud.

-He knows his colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, animals.

-His imaginative plays comes out unexpectedly- he is becoming attached to various stuffed animals and gives them hugs and kisses and has them wave.

-He is playing with toys more appropriately.

-There is an increase in observations (seeing the small details of a picture etc). Increase in fine motor skills. He is pointing more spontaneously now as well.

That is all for now! I do plan to start updating this blog more, especially when we do our next clearing. I am hoping it is the poly-antibiotic clearing as we noticed a huge decline when he received multiple rounds of antibiotic.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

200c DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The 200c dosing of DTaP has been bonkers. Noah has responded every time he has been dosed with it. Vomiting, fever, diarrhea, extreme emotions. All within hours of giving him a dose.  The gains have been amazing though.

More babbling, more words, more singing, more eye contact and socialization. He is understanding more of what we tell him... his play skills are improving by leaps and bounds. He is independently playing with his toys and it is appropriate play as well. No more sensory issues with water, he is actually pouring cups of water over his head himself. He is starting to eat foods he avoided. He is doing beautifully.

We are wrapping up Noah's 200c doses and about to start 500c. Our homeopath feels we need 500c before we attempt 1m DTaP. And I couldn't agree more! I am excited about wrapping up this clearing and for all of the gains we have yet to see. I will try my best to keep the blog updated as we continue treating our son with CEASE therapy.

Friday, February 28, 2014

100c DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

Hello everyone

So last time I wrote we were about to start the DTaP clearing after a month long break. Shortly after that post, we dosed Noah 1x with the 100c and waited to see how he would do. Thankfully, the aggravations last week were minimal. Some mild coughing. The gains, however, have been anything but mild. He has been doing wonderfully.

Here are a few things we have seen emerge this last week:

1) Imaginative Play- We saw Noah, on his own, take a love bug he made in school and fly it through the air

2) Noah came home a few days ago and started saying "bus", "school" and "miss Carrie"... he was so excited because he was trying to tell me how his day went, even though he doesn't have the words yet, he understands the basic concept of communication by putting words together to express something, to tell me a story. How exciting is that?!!!

3) He is singing various songs (in his own way)... he knows some key words and then babbles through a lot of the song, but I can usually figure out which song he is trying to sing.

4) He was able to say his whole alphabet too- A to Z

5) He has been willing to give me a kiss on the lips (which I usually have to steal)

6) He is allowing the ABA therapist to shampoo his hair and pour water on his face!!!!!!!! This alone is SOOOO huge. I mean we have been dealing with bathing problems for a good year or more. And get this--- he had a tantrum this evening because he wanted to get a bath and he could not! Things have really changed.

We are so happy with the gains we have seen. It has been amazing. And I cannot wait for more healing to emerge from this clearing. This week we dosed Noah twice with the 100c. No strong reactions yet. We will be moving up to 200c next week. I will continue to keep you posted as we continue to use CEASE therapy.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Much Needed Update! CEASE Therapy DTaP Clearing

Hi guys! So sorry it has taken some time for an update.... January was crazy in so many ways.

1) Noah started a special ed preschool! He is doing well and seems to enjoy it. Thankful for this

2) I got sick with the flu, then Noah got sick with the norovirus, which made us put the DTaP clearing on hold.

3) My husband lost his job (but thankfully found another one!)

4) Noah has had some wonderful gains recently: He is trying to sing songs (even though you can't quite understand him, he knows what he is singing). He is doing great with his bath time (this is a miracle!!!!). His words are becoming clearer. His eye contact continues to improve as well as engaging with other people. He is using a spoon on his own without a problem now. He is also trying to do things on his own, have more independence. He is playing with various educational games on the iPad and doing really well. We limit his time on the iPad, and give him this as a reward for going to school or getting through his bath time.

So tomorrow we start the DTaP clearing once again. I am not going to lie, I am nervous. It has been brutal and I have had difficulty watching Noah struggle through it. We will dose him with 100c tomorrow and hope for the best. We must get through this clearing and move on to other big ones. We really have seen so many wonderful things since starting CEASE. I pray that as we continue we will see more healing, more recovery.

I will do my best to post weekly updates as we continue on with the DTaP clearing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 10 and 11- DTaP Clearing 30c and 100c CEASE therapy update

Hi guys

Man this clearing is dragging on. So last time I posted I was advised by our homeopath to water dose Noah with 100c to help him push through the 30c issues/aggravations we were seeing. He responded beautifully to the water dosing as he always does. The following week our homeopath wanted us to dose Noah twice with the 30c... he did fairly well that week (sometimes we don't see aggravations pop up until 5-7 days later). So on the day we dosed with 100c about 7 days after the last full dose of 30c, he got sick yet again. High fever, red face, anxiety through the roof where he was cutting his skin with his fingernails, cold and cough symptoms too. He was sick for 4 days and I am not sure if it was due to the 30c doses or the 100c dose.

He is just starting to feel better this week but we are still seeing aggravations. His anxiety continues and  I am struggling to keep his hands away from scabs and cuts. His face flushing has returned as well and his cough with heavy mucus continues. Our homeopath thinks we should do the reaction protocol again with the 100c. I will be doing that tomorrow.... I am praying for huge gains.... aggravations can be sad and discouraging when we don't see breakthroughs. And I have to admit I have had a difficult time with this clearing. We have had more aggravations than gains. I am trying to remain optimistic. I am sure this is all part of the process and I must continue on.

I will continue to post updates as we treat our son with CEASE therapy.