Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 3 DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the DTaP clearing. Noah was dosed again with 12c on Monday and once again we saw many aggravations: irritability, crying at the drop of a dime, stimming (vocal and visual), an increase in rituals, itching/picking at scabs and a return of facial tics. All from 12c!

We ended up only dosing Noah 1x this week. Our homeopath had advised us to do the dilution protocol to help him push through the issues, however he began to improve so much she told us to hold off until we see how he does next week, when we will dose him again with 12c. If he struggles with next week's dose we will go ahead and try the dilution protocol.

I am not sure if I have seen gains during this level of clearing. He does appear to be more connected to us and willing to give eye contact which has been awesome. One new thing that happened this week was that Noah walked up our staircase correctly and with ease and without any assistance or prompting. We were shocked when we witnessed it-- it came out of nowhere! I am not sure that is related to the clearing but it was so nice to see.

I will continue to post regular updates as we move through this DTaP clearing and work towards recovery and health for little Noah.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 2 DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

We dosed Noah this week with a prep dose of 12c DTaP on Monday afternoon. We did not see a reaction with last week's small dose, however this week within hours of giving this dose he had a mild fever and was pretty miserable and not feeling well. He continues to be more emotional than usual this week and last night his insomnia which we have been struggling since his birth returned. During our two month break from clearings Noah had started to sleep like a baby. This was one aggravation I was not excited about it. I just knew that we would suffer through more nights of insomnia once clearings resumed. He woke up last night and just cried and cried and cried. I tried everything I could think of--- rescue remedy, calms forte, teething tablets... nothing seemed to calm him. He also began to itch a scab constantly. It isn't a new scab, it is healing and does not look infected or inflamed. I feel that his anxiety was causing him to pick at it. Today he was scratching his skin constantly.

Our homeopath wants us to wait to dose Noah again with 12c. We are going to give his body a break and resume next week. In the meantime, we are going to give him one of his constitutional remedies, kali sulph and kali phos, and put him in an epsom salt bath to help calm this aggravation. 

I will give you guys another update as we continue on this journey of clearing DTaP and using CEASE therapy to recover our son.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 1 DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

We are finally back and have started the dreaded DTaP clearing. Noah was dosed on Monday and Thursday with a prep dose of 30x. And I was expecting the worst as we had a reaction immediately to the 30x of Hep B. And I waited and waited and nothing eventful. I know that this is just the very beginning and there will probably be reactions to come down the way. The only difference I saw was that Noah was more emotional than usual. He would have little breakdowns randomly throughout the day for no apparent reason.

Noah continues to do great. After the first month of our break he started doing so much better and I see him develop more and more each week. A few nights ago as we were heading to bed Noah kept asking for a cookie--- "cookie". When we told him no and explained that it was time for bed he then said "cookie please". Still we did not give him a cookie so he tried even harder and said "I want a cookie please". And if that wasn't amazing enough, he then said "I want a cookie and then night night." This little boy was bargaining with us! I just could not believe a short while ago he wasn't even talking and now we are seeing so many wonderful gains. I am just so thankful.

As we start this next clearing I will make sure to post weekly updates giving everyone the details of aggravations and gains from the DTaP. I am excited and nervous for this next chapter in our journey.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick CEASE Update and visiting DAN! Doctor

So our 3 week break from CEASE has turned into a 2 month break. Life happens and it has impacted our CEASE plans. From work changes to sicknesses, to a sprained neck last week I have not had the energy to commit to CEASE. Thankfully, I am feeling much better and I am gearing up to start the DTaP clearing with Noah next week. We have all of the remedies and we are starting back his vitamin C this week. I will keep everyone posted on how our first week back goes.

Today was an amazing day! We all took the day off today and went to Richmond VA to see a well known DAN! doctor. Before our doctor's appointment I decided I wanted to try and schedule a haircut for Noah at a children's salon in Richmond I had heard great things about. I was prepared for possible issues with the haircut because he has had such a problem with sensory issues around his head. He hates washing his hair, brushing his hair and has freaked out when I have tried to cut his hair. Well today he did AMAZING. No issues AT ALL! I was stunned! He sat in a little red jeep, watching a Barney video and eating cookies and could have cared less that his hair was getting cut! I am so thrilled about this!!!! And he looks like a clean cut little man.

Then we went to the DAN! doctor appt. The reason I wanted Noah to meet with this doctor was so that  testing could be done. Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with CEASE and homeopathy but I would love to know what is going on internally in Noah's body--- does he have bad bacteria and yeast in his gut? Don't know... does he have high levels of metal in his body? no clue.... is he allergic to any foods? Or deficient in vitamins and minerals? So, that is my main reasoning. Once I learn what is going on I hope that homeopathy will continue to address some of these issues. One thing the DAN! doctor said during our 2 hour meeting floored me and was so encouraging- She said "I believe you guys are going to pull him out of this." She feels that recovery is a great possibility for Noah. She said he will only "get better and better" with the proper interventions. So that was so good to hear. I already felt it in my heart but having confirmation was so encouraging.

So that is a quick update on how things have been. I am nervous about the next clearing but very excited to see what is in store for Noah. He is just blossoming right now and I know with more time and healing we will see great things.