Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 11- Hep B 200c Continued and Feeling Thankful

So this week, due to Noah's aggravations from the last full dose of Hep B 200c, our homeopath advised us to dilute the Hep B 200c and give 4 doses over 4 hours. This diluted dosing has appeared to help Noah get over many of his issues from the last dose. He hasn't had as much irritability this week and he is tolerating the puppy much more.

 He continues to hold his hands over his ears but I think we may have figured out what that is about. I believe that his sensory issues are being dealt with in this clearing. I have mentioned in the past that one of Noah's main symptoms was "zoning out" and acting like a zombie- this was also true of his response to noises. A smoke alarm could go off and he wouldn't flinch. Definitely under responsive to noise. Now, since starting CEASE, he is more aware (of people, his surroundings etc), he is also more aware of sounds that he previously did not notice. He is aware of all of these noises and he is responding to them. I am hoping that after a while it won't bother him as much. We will see.

I know I post this every week but I am still so grateful that we have found this therapy and homeopathy for our son. It feels so empowering to take my son's health into my own hands and not rely on the "medical professionals" to prescribe a medication or give a vaccine. I am just feeling really thankful today.... and I truly have HOPE for recovery... and I feel it is very possible with this type of treatment. This therapy isn't just a bandaid... it is healing. The temporary aggravations are SO worth the gains we are seeing.

If anyone reading this post is hesitant in trying this for their child I would tell you to just try... what do you have to lose? You possibly have everything to gain, if not full recovery, it could help improve your child's situation so much. I know just in this short amount of time I went from having a child that struggled to get a word out to a child who is now repeating any word he hears--- it isn't full recovery BUT it is huge to us. It brings us so much joy and hope for better days ahead.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 10 Hep B Clearing- CEASE Update

This past week went well. Noah received a full dose of Hep B 200c on Monday. Main symptoms and aggravations have been irritability, weird looking/stinky diapers, insomnia, ear pain and intolerance to our new puppy Luna. This has been the strangest of the reactions. Up until this point Noah really could have cared less about the puppy. He acknowledges her to an extent but doesn't play with her. Noah laughs when we throw the ball to the dog and that is about it. Not this week-- every single thing the dog does, Noah has a meltdown.... this can occur when she barks or when she gets close to us, when I call Luna's name.... meltdown every single time. It is pretty exhausting trying to keep Luna away from Noah and basically keep the peace in our home. I hope this resolves itself soon.

 One of the other issues that keeps popping up and causing a lot of frustration is Noah's insomnia. Our homeopath advised us to put two 30c calc carb (one of his constitutional remedies) in 3.5 oz of distilled water and give a 1 tsp dose every night, an hour before bedtime. We started doing this at the beginning of the week and for the most part it has made a difference thankfully.

The gains we have seen with Noah are more words (he can now repeat most basic words he hears, or at least makes a very good effort), more communication of what he wants from us, more awareness of his surroundings and people. He is doing amazing in his therapy and we are seeing some progress with using a cup, fork, and with bathing and grooming skills (which has been a BIG issue for him).

I will continue posting regular updates as we treat Noah with homeopathy and CEASE therapy.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 8/9 CEASE Update- Hep B 200c

Just wanted to give a quick update. We decided to take a break from the Hep B clearing the week of Noah's birthday. The following week his dose increased to 200c, but we were advised by our homeopath to dilute it in water and give him half. He is so sensitive, she wanted to ensure he would handle it okay.  Symptoms and aggravations that were noted during week 8 was more insomnia, irritability and detox diapers of various colors (green, blue and almost black). We also noticed some stimming (flapping his hands) that we haven't seen in months. Week 9 we also diluted the 200c in water and gave Noah 1/2 dose. By Thursday we noticed the return of irritability and I could tell he wasn't feeling well. He started rubbing his ears again as well. His body tends to really clear toxins/viruses through his ears, just like in his first year of life. He continues to have a lot of weird colored, odorous diapers as well.

The positives we have seen are a continued increase in words-- my mother reported that Noah said over 70 words one day that she watched him. He understands that he has to use words to communicate and to get what he is wanting.  His confidence has increased and he is trying to say any word we ask of him. THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR US! I can't get over the fact that just a little over a month ago I was wondering when I would get to hear his voice.  We also have been receiving wonderful reports from his ABA therapist. She is very happy with the progress he is making and he is mastering many of the programs she is working with him on. Yesterday, my mother took Noah to Walmart. She typically doesn't take him out much because his days are very busy and filled with various therapies. She has not had him out in the community for at least 2-3 months. When she got back she called me and cried--- she was overwhelmed with what she saw. She said that Noah was present and not in a fog- he looked at everything in the store with wonder and she felt that this was such a miracle for Noah... and it really is! It wasn't long ago I had many nights of crying because he would just stare into space and I felt that I couldn't reach him. He really is coming out of the "fog" and we are seeing the real Noah. I am so thankful... for healing and for the team of people God has given us. They are amazing individuals that use their gifts and abilities to help heal people and I am so glad we have them on our team. I am also so thankful that the Lord has lead us to CEASE therapy and homeopathy. I know in my bones that this is the right way to go and well, "the proof is in the pudding" as they say.

As always, I will continue to post updates as we treat our son with CEASE therapy.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!

Little Noah turned 2 yesterday. And while I dreaded this day for months, I only had JOY. Our family came together and celebrated this precious little boy and all of his progress and hard work. We made gluten free cupcakes and decorated in "Thomas the Train" theme. He really enjoyed his party. He helped open his gifts, he enjoyed licking the icing off his cupcakes, he played with many of his birthday gifts.... and was PRESENT. He giggled and enjoyed himself. He was aware of his surroundings and didn't get overwhelmed by the birthday guests. He was able to interact with everyone and babbled off many words.            

 I am so thankful to the Lord for this happy day. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 7 CEASE Update- Words, Words and more Words!!!

Sorry for the delay in reporting on how last week went! We had a wonderful week with Noah. He was still on 30c of Hep B. The main aggravations we noticed was the occasional ear pain, irritability from time to time insomnia. The gains were HUGE!!!

Last Sunday we counted over 30 words that Noah said. He is readily imitating words now. This just gets better and better as the weeks go on. This is a boy that would maybe only say 4-6 words a day (if any at all!), and this was with us coaxing him, trying to pry the words out of him. Not any longer, he enjoys trying to imitate and communicate with us. I am so thankful to the Lord for this new development. I know we have a long ways to go, but I feel we have jumped one of many hurdles, and this was a big one. I pray that as we go along with CEASE we will continue to see great gains and healing for our little boy!!!