Saturday, August 23, 2014

Almost Done with the DTaP Clearing! Much Needed Update on Noah

Hi guys

So sorry I disappeared for a while.   We have taken many breaks over the last months when it comes to the DTaP clearing. Part of this has been due to Noah's busy schedule with ABA therapy and his special ed preschool. The other part is because we got lazy and tired of the detox reactions. This clearing has been very different from the Hep B. Hep B showed more large gains. DTaP's gains have been more subtle. Noah responded with more physical illness in the beginning of DTaP and around 200 we noticed that the reactions were more emotional than physical. Tantrums have been a big reaction these last few levels of dosing.

We are now at 10m. One more week with two doses and then we move on to the next clearing. Thank goodness.

Some big changes with Noah since April:

-More interaction with others, enjoys being around other children

-Language continues to develop. Has echolalia but he is singing songs and repeating sentences he hears. He is struggling still with formulating his own sentences. We work on this daily.

-He is exploring new foods with the help of ABA. This is huge.

-He is brushing his teeth and bathing without any problems. He loves water and dumps water on his head without any problems.

-He loves looking at books and is trying to read them out loud.

-He knows his colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, animals.

-His imaginative plays comes out unexpectedly- he is becoming attached to various stuffed animals and gives them hugs and kisses and has them wave.

-He is playing with toys more appropriately.

-There is an increase in observations (seeing the small details of a picture etc). Increase in fine motor skills. He is pointing more spontaneously now as well.

That is all for now! I do plan to start updating this blog more, especially when we do our next clearing. I am hoping it is the poly-antibiotic clearing as we noticed a huge decline when he received multiple rounds of antibiotic.