Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 17 and 18- Hep B 1m Clearing CEASE Therapy Update- 3 Word Phrases, Drawing, Imitation!

For week 17 and 18 we dosed Noah once per week with Hep B 1m. He continues to respond to every single dose he is given. The aggravations these past two weeks were irritability, tantrums, horrible smelling diapers and more insomnia. I also believe that he is having yeast "die offs" which may be causing some of the insomnia we have been seeing. I have observed Noah scratching frantically at his stomach and the following morning he has had very "yeasty" looking diapers. Stimming behaviors have also continued- his new favorite behavior is doing his "side eyes"... this is driving us nuts and we pray it passes quickly.

My favorite part of the post is to tell everyone reading what resulted after the aggravations.... so, the large gains we have seen these past few weeks have been the beginning of some 3 word phrases and many more two word phrases. He also started drawing this week!!!! We have worked on this daily since he was 15 months--- he had absolutely no desire to do this... and then all of a sudden he started this past week and he loves it! This last month has been huge as far as development. His language is taking off, he is imitating with ease (verbal/actions), we are doing so much better with grooming, dressing, brushing teeth, walking up and down stairs.... the list goes on and on! Of course there is still much to tackle but we are moving closer! These gains have given my family much needed encouragement and hope for Noah's future. I am so thankful for the people that are on our "team" and that the Lord has guided us to CEASE therapy. I truly believe this therapy will help us recover/heal our son.

I will continue to post regular updates as we work to recover our son from autism using CEASE therapy.

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