Saturday, June 29, 2013

We are Seeing Some Great Gains! Hep B 1M CEASE Therapy

Noah was dosed with Hep B 1M on Monday. Thankfully we have seen minimal aggravations this week. Now onto what we have seen as far as gains:

1) Imaginative Play- He is starting to understand this concept now... still in the beginning stages but we are getting there

2) Imitation of Actions- Noah has been doing great with verbal imitation but has never really paid attention enough to others to imitate what he sees people do. Not any more. He is started to mimic us. An example of this: He picked up a broom and started sweeping this week! Big deal!!!! This has never ever ever happened. We have worked on this for months without any movement... but all of a sudden he is paying attention and trying to imitate.

3) Singing to songs- He is really trying to sing along with his favorite songs--- no just one word, but many words!

4) Tricycle- This is another area we had worked on tirelessly for months with no change. We would put him on a small tricycle or train and attempt to get him to move his legs. He had no desire to do this and now all of a sudden he is doing this.

5) Improvement with grooming etc- He is trying to help dress/undress himself, he is also trying to brush his own hair and he is more willing to wash his hands (this still freaks him out a bit because of his sensory issues but we are getting through it better, he is trying hard to do it)

6) Socialization-We are still working on social settings and he is doing great in this area as well. He continues to attend Gymboree and ABA therapy has added this as a goal as well. His therapist Lily is bringing him to the office for circle time and she is reporting positive things.

I know there are many more improvements but these are the big ones! We are just so thankful to see these gains and it makes the difficult times worth it!

I will continue to post updates as we continue on with CEASE therapy and the Hep B clearing.


  1. Hi Sarah!!! It really is awesome. I am just so excited about CEASE and the improvements we are seeing!! :-)

  2. Go, Noah! This is Dante's mom, visiting. I am thrilled with the huge progress you are seeing! That is SO energizing to continue to move forward. I am going to add a link to your blog from mine, to encourage other visitors. Each child is so unique, I think it is very helpful to read different experiences with CEASE.

    I also think that spreading the doses as you're doing may ease some of the harsh detox you're observing. I always felt a sense of urgency to get through the doses, but on the other hand, I think our poor kids need a break to recover.

    I wish you much progress, patience, and wisdom for your next steps...

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