Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 19 and 20 Hep B Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

I have been meaning to update the blog but life happens and I forget! So here is a recap of the last two weeks with the Hep B clearing.

Last week we were advised by our homeopath to dose Noah twice with the Hep B 1m. I have found that anytime we dose twice in a week we see pretty significant aggravations. And that is what happened. We did see an increase in stimming (side eyes, pacing), facial tics continued pretty strongly as well as shaking of his head, and a new behavior emerged, another stimming behavior I believe- He began to lay on the floor, and rubbed his face hard into the carpet and and he also licked the floor. Boy, that behavior really disturbed me! This was completely new and very scary! We also saw some pretty strange skin conditions pop up. He had a bad diaper rash, but when it healed it turned into eczema like dry patches. He also had little sores on his face and I noticed that he had hives that popped up one day and disappeared a few hours later. His eye contact was also poor last week. Once I informed our homeopath of these new developments she advised us to increase our dose of hep b to 10M the following week to help him "push through" what he was dealing with.

I dosed Noah with 10m on Monday and I was nervous. He was not acting like himself on Monday and was very distant, not wanting much to do with me. He looked sickly and appeared to be regressing. However, I am glad I listened to our homeopath! Boy, what a difference we have seen in Noah these past few days. We have seen a pretty significant decrease in the behaviors we were concerned about and his language continues to progress.  Now, we have a long ways to go with language but I am not going to complain at all! He is doing great with labeling and imitating words he hears. He is still working on the concept of language as a tool to communicate. He tries to sing songs when he is listening to music. He understands the concept of "more ______ please".... to request toys, food, etc. He doesn't yet call our names when he needs something- he strictly can label us-- when he sees a pictures of my husband or me he can say "dada" or "mama" but he has never used it to ask for us. I think this may be changing too. He actually came up to me today and said "mama"! He has also started saying "night night" and "good morning" as well these last few days. We are getting wonderful reports from all of his therapists on how well he is progressing. His ABA therapist says he is doing amazingly in his therapy when she takes him for circle time with other children at the center. This is such a huge change from the little boy who cried constantly when at the church nursery or Gymboree!!!! He used to have extreme anxiety but now he is present and loves being around other children.

So that is pretty much how these last few weeks have gone. I am very excited to continue on with this dose of Hep B and I am also excited about wrapping up this clearing. It has been a journey! And I am anxious to start the next clearing. I will continue to post updates regularly as we use CEASE therapy to help our son recover from autism.

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