Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back In the Saddle and a Few Updates

I have had a few days to process my feelings, reflect on what occurred on Sunday and I have allowed myself time to cry... I am now ready to hop back on the saddle. I must do this. I have to press forward towards recovery and towards health and healing for Noah and for my family. I refuse to let autism rule my life or win. I refuse to allow it to take me and my family under.

In other news, I have evaluated where we are at with therapy and with interventions we are trying. We are starting to get comfortable, complacent.... Noah has been doing well, and even though we don't mean to, we start relaxing a bit when we see so much progress. I know that we have missed amping up our therapy routine and adding new, helpful interventions. The last few days I have looked through books and materials and plan to add new interventions and techniques to our daily routine with Noah. I am going to really put more of a focus on eating, bathing, self help skills and language. I will also be pulling interventions from the "verbal behavior" ABA approach.  Noah's diet is minimal and he doesn't eat many things due to his sensory problems. This is one area that we put on the "back burner" because we had so many other issues to tackle and we need to revisit it. Bathing has always been a problem... but it seems to get worse every bath we do. He used to sit in the bath for at least a few minutes and then cry until he got pulled out... now he won't even sit down. So, we must work on this and figure out a way to make him tolerate it.

Other updates: Today Noah had his first meeting with the school system to be evaluated for special education preschool. He won't have his official evaluation until September....

And thankfully, the Medicaid Waiver, has finally started covering personal care for Noah, which allows my mother to be paid by Medicaid for his care. This is huge and such a blessing. This frees up money so that we can afford ABA therapy costs. We pay almost $1000 a month for ABA, which is only 6 hours a week! We are so thankful for all of our blessings. I know the Lord is providing for us during this time.

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