Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 3 CEASE Therapy

Noah has just completed his 3rd week clearing Hep B. He went on to the 12c dose this week and he did not have many reactions to this dosage. A few stinky/sour diapers, a flushed face from time to time and a little runny nose.

We have had a phenomenal week with Noah! We have been getting wonderful reports back from his ABA therapist. She is so happy with how quickly he is responding to the work she is giving him and he has been saying so many things lately! Most of his sessions thus far with ABA have been constant/nonstop crying. This week everything changed.

And he is signing so many more things than just a few weeks ago. Before CEASE, Noah was signing "more", "milk" and "eat" (and he stuck to those for like 4 months!) and now he has mastered about 8-10 signs total ("yes", "book", "ball", "me", "music", "please" "dog" "cookie".....) in just a few weeks. It is like a lightbulb went on and things are making more sense for him. He is definitely understanding more of what is being told to him and is aware of his surroundings in a way he hasn't been in a very, very long time. We still have a very long way to go but I am soooo excited that he is responding to CEASE!

Our homeopath has advised us to move Noah to 30c starting next week. Instead of Monday and Thursday dosing, she would like us to give him the dose on Wednesday and then his constitutional remedies on Saturday. I will continue to post weekly updates as we continue our CEASE therapy with Noah.

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