Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 1 CEASE Therapy

Noah has had the first rounds of hep B 30x clearing this week.  Our homeopath is going very slow to help him ease into the detox. She reported to me that she has never seen anyone respond to this dosage. On both Monday and Thursday Noah had detox reactions. The first day he was irritable, wanted to be held constantly, and his face was flushed... he was just very uncomfortable. His lips were also a tad irritated and swollen. On Thursday, he had diarrhea all day and the smell was horrible. He also had some more irritation on his lips. Today, the diarrhea continues.

Some things we have seen this week that are new:

-he is trying to make more noises/verbalize/try new signs more than usual

-he is more aware of people around him, more present

-he just seems to be understanding more of what we say to him

Is this because of CEASE therapy and homeopathy? I am not sure but we will take it!

His detox reactions this week confirmed to me that his vaccinations impacted him and his development. I will be interested to see how he does next week when we continue with the hep b clearing. I am also excited to see how he responds to his constitutional remedy Pulsatilla. We will be giving him a dose of this tomorrow.

In other news, I learned today from the DSS worker that Noah was approved for the EDCD waiver!!! This is a huge answer to prayer. The Medicaid application still has to process but it shouldn't be a problem. He doesn't have any money so he will qualify. By having this waiver, we will be able to receive respite services, and he will receive Medicaid which will cover copays and services that our private insurance is not covering. I also pray that it covers some ABA for Noah because we cannot afford much for him. Thank you Lord for Your provisions.

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