Saturday, March 2, 2013

About to Begin CEASE Therapy and We are Excited!!!

Our homeopath sent us a chart for treatment over the next few weeks. Last Sunday we gave Noah Aconite. Today we gave him Cal. Carbonica and fat soluble Vitamin C. Monday will be the first day of  the Hep B clearing! The homeopath says she is going slow to help with the detox reaction. We are staying at 30x for two weeks instead of one.

We are excited to start CEASE therapy and to see what positive results come with the clearings/detox. I am sure that the vaccines did not help Noah's development and probably contributed greatly to the situation we are dealing with now. I don't know if it is the sole reason for his autism but it may very well be. I also think at some point we will need to clear antibiotics since he was given 5 rounds of different antibiotics between 9 and 12 months... at the same time we noticed him going into a "fog" and not paying much attention to us. My gut tells me they also contributed to the autism.

I have read and been told by those going through homeopathy that you need to give it at least 6 months to see improvements. Some remedies may not be the right "fit" and it may take some time for the treatment to work on Noah. We are going to give it a good try.... probably a year. I hope that in a year from now we will see a significant difference in Noah. I pray that he blesses us with his sweet voice. I pray that he understands language better and engages with children and strangers without anxiety. I pray that his development catches up with his peers.

I will continue to post updates on how he does with this new treatment.

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