Monday, March 4, 2013

Detox Reactions

Wow, It hasn't even been an entire day and I can already tell Noah isn't feeling well. We started the Hep B detox today. He had a "sour" smelling diaper this afternoon and just hasn't been his normal self. He rubs his eyes constantly and seems lethargic. He doesn't want to play or do normal activities- he wants to be held. He has excessive thirst this evening.

I hate to see Noah suffer in any way- the crazy thing is that I am the one doing this to him! I know that CEASE therapy is a detox and this is part of the process. I have to be prepared for rough days/weeks. He has to detox so he can feel better... so he can heal. I must focus on that. I plan to give him Epsom salt baths regularly this week to help his body remove the toxins. I plan to ask the homeopath about which cell salts to use to make him the most comfortable during this time.

Lord, please be with our little boy. Help his body remove the toxins so he can get better.

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