Friday, March 22, 2013

EDCD Waiver update

I received word today from the Department of Social Services that Noah's Medicaid application has gone through. Woooohoooooo!

He is now receiving Medicaid through the EDCD waiver. The worker has advised me that I have 30 days to start utilizing the benefits of the waiver. If we do not begin using the benefits, he will lose it at the 30 day mark. I will be calling a service coordinator to begin the process of locating a respite provider. I am also praying that this waiver, and having Medicaid, will allow Noah additional hours of ABA that we currently cannot afford on our own. We are paying out of pocket for 6 hours of ABA/week (which is very costly---at a discounted rate we are paying almost $1,000/month). The doctor recommends that Noah should receive at least 20 hours a week of ABA, so we are having to facilitate the remaining hours of therapy ourselves. It is hard to do. We are usually exhausted at the end of our work day and we don't give 100%. We are trying to do our best but it would be such a blessing if this waiver allowed Noah some more professional ABA services. Either way, I am just thankful to the Lord for His provisions. At the very minimum, this waiver will allow us some much needed respite and support. We are grateful!

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