Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paradigm Shift and Autism

I am definitely going through a paradigm shift. What is that? A paradigm shift is a change in a person's way of thinking... driven by some type of change agent. That for me, that change agent, is autism. My son getting diagnosed with autism this past winter has caused me to change how I see things. And it actually has been a very good thing. I don't just trust anything anymore. I don't automatically take Noah to his pediatrician when he isn't feeling well or give pain reliever casually when he has ear aches or he has teething pains. I look at ingredients in food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies--- before autism I never did this. I am now choosing safer alternative, natural remedies instead of chemical laden products/foods and medicines.  I am working towards reducing/eliminating our family's toxic exposure and living in a way we have NEVER done. I grew up where these products and foods were commonplace. I am definitely going out of my comfort zone by making these changes.... but it is a good thing. We will all live healthier lives because of it. I am also doing this because I know that Noah's autism may have been caused by multiple factors including chemical/toxin exposure in his environment. With CEASE therapy we are working on correcting/healing those areas. I want to make sure going forward he doesn't have these same type of exposures.

Some examples of changes we are making:

Flea and Tick treatment for our puppy. Did you know that leading brands such as Frontline or Advantage are linked to cancer and neurological conditions including autism???? Ummm, this is so disturbing. I think of all of the children out there that pet their dogs and get exposed all of the time to these unsafe chemicals. I didn't know this during our first month of having our puppy Luna but you better believe that I won't be giving this treatment again! I am researching natural alternatives such as essential oils, garlic pills and apple cider vinegar for the water bowl. Hopefully this will keep the fleas and ticks away!

Toothpaste and Drinking water--- Fluoride are in both. Flouride is not as safe as we were all led to believe. It is very scary to hear about all the conditions that are caused by exposure to fluoride. We are installing a water filter at our house and switching to natural toothpastes that limit our exposure to fluoride.

There are many, many more things we must tackle but those are just a few examples. I need to look at our cookware and our microwave oven (hate to give that up!) and our food.... it is overwhelming sometimes to think about all of the changes we must make to limit the toxic exposure but we will get there eventually. The goal is to make changes that we can stick with over time.

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