Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 11- Hep B 200c Continued and Feeling Thankful

So this week, due to Noah's aggravations from the last full dose of Hep B 200c, our homeopath advised us to dilute the Hep B 200c and give 4 doses over 4 hours. This diluted dosing has appeared to help Noah get over many of his issues from the last dose. He hasn't had as much irritability this week and he is tolerating the puppy much more.

 He continues to hold his hands over his ears but I think we may have figured out what that is about. I believe that his sensory issues are being dealt with in this clearing. I have mentioned in the past that one of Noah's main symptoms was "zoning out" and acting like a zombie- this was also true of his response to noises. A smoke alarm could go off and he wouldn't flinch. Definitely under responsive to noise. Now, since starting CEASE, he is more aware (of people, his surroundings etc), he is also more aware of sounds that he previously did not notice. He is aware of all of these noises and he is responding to them. I am hoping that after a while it won't bother him as much. We will see.

I know I post this every week but I am still so grateful that we have found this therapy and homeopathy for our son. It feels so empowering to take my son's health into my own hands and not rely on the "medical professionals" to prescribe a medication or give a vaccine. I am just feeling really thankful today.... and I truly have HOPE for recovery... and I feel it is very possible with this type of treatment. This therapy isn't just a bandaid... it is healing. The temporary aggravations are SO worth the gains we are seeing.

If anyone reading this post is hesitant in trying this for their child I would tell you to just try... what do you have to lose? You possibly have everything to gain, if not full recovery, it could help improve your child's situation so much. I know just in this short amount of time I went from having a child that struggled to get a word out to a child who is now repeating any word he hears--- it isn't full recovery BUT it is huge to us. It brings us so much joy and hope for better days ahead.

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