Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week 10 Hep B Clearing- CEASE Update

This past week went well. Noah received a full dose of Hep B 200c on Monday. Main symptoms and aggravations have been irritability, weird looking/stinky diapers, insomnia, ear pain and intolerance to our new puppy Luna. This has been the strangest of the reactions. Up until this point Noah really could have cared less about the puppy. He acknowledges her to an extent but doesn't play with her. Noah laughs when we throw the ball to the dog and that is about it. Not this week-- every single thing the dog does, Noah has a meltdown.... this can occur when she barks or when she gets close to us, when I call Luna's name.... meltdown every single time. It is pretty exhausting trying to keep Luna away from Noah and basically keep the peace in our home. I hope this resolves itself soon.

 One of the other issues that keeps popping up and causing a lot of frustration is Noah's insomnia. Our homeopath advised us to put two 30c calc carb (one of his constitutional remedies) in 3.5 oz of distilled water and give a 1 tsp dose every night, an hour before bedtime. We started doing this at the beginning of the week and for the most part it has made a difference thankfully.

The gains we have seen with Noah are more words (he can now repeat most basic words he hears, or at least makes a very good effort), more communication of what he wants from us, more awareness of his surroundings and people. He is doing amazing in his therapy and we are seeing some progress with using a cup, fork, and with bathing and grooming skills (which has been a BIG issue for him).

I will continue posting regular updates as we treat Noah with homeopathy and CEASE therapy.

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