Sunday, December 30, 2012

Update- Trying to focus on the positives!

There have been a few new things to happen this week with Noah.

We have been giving him Culturelle probiotic over the last two weeks. Then, out of the blue, he began to break out in a stomach rash and had difficulty at night sleeping, and I found him scratching at his stomach (and waking every 2 hours).  There have been no other changes to his diet so I am thinking that this is a yeast die off. I have read that you can have rashes/itching when there is a die off.  I immediately cut the dose in half and it has started to heal which is good.

I also added Cod Liver Oil to his routine. I mixed it in with his Gluten Free oatmeal and he didn't seem to notice (so relieved!). I have heard great things about this oil- doctors have found that it improves eye contact, and lessens visual stimming. I can't say I have seen anything yet but I just started this yesterday.

Some of his stimming behaviors have disappeared recently (pacing/side eye glancing) and others have re-emerged (hand flapping, head shaking).... He has started to fixate on electronic buttons (pushing them over and over and over). He has been less verbal this weekend too (not using his normal 8-10 words) It is just so hard to tell what is going on with him half of the time and what is causing what. I feel like a detective! A really bad detective! It is just a guessing game.

I started getting discouraged seeing these new behaviors pop up.... I have to remind myself that he is going to have regression from time to time. That he will take steps backwards and then steps forward... as long as the trajectory is positive that is what I must focus on.

I looked through his daily journal over the last 3 and half months and I could immediately see how far he/we have come. His words have increased. He enjoys playing with typical toys now. He is warm and engaging more than he is not. He doesn't zone out the majority of the day anymore. He isn't fixating on one thing all day like he used to (balls, spinning wheels/bowls). He is tolerating social settings with other children (Gymboree). I have to make a choice to focus on the positive----there are many things/improvements to be grateful for.

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