Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My To Do List

Here are the areas I am working on now to help Noah:

1) Find a ABA consultant/therapist who will be willing to do some basic training with me and my family while we wait for therapy to start (4 month wait)

2) Find a DAN! doctor who will let us pay privately or who will take our insurance (our local DAN! doc will not take our insurance or allow us to pay privately)

3) Read/Research as much as possible on treatment strategies until we find someone to train us

4) Find a multi vitamin that Noah will take

5) Completely eliminate casein from his diet- then Gluten

6) Work on structure- with his daily routine, with our home

7) Start giving Noah fish oil and probiotic

8) Continue to have him attend Gymboree play groups 2-3x/week

9) Rule out other medical issues- metal poisoning, deficiencies, possible seizures

10) Apply for Medicaid waiver

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