Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 6 CEASE Therapy- Verbal Imitation, Two Word Phrases and Vocal Stimming

Noah received another dose of Hep B 30 C on Thursday and his remedy Pulsatilla on Saturday.

We have not seen any major negative symptoms (so far) other than occasional ear pain and we have noticed vocal stimming this week (making a noise over and over and over "da, da, da, da, da"). He used to do this around 16-19 months old, so it has returned... hopefully not for long. He has also had dark under eye circles this week too.

The improvements we have seen have been WONDERFUL! All of his therapists are reporting good things- they are noticing that he is changing. He is handling ABA much better and is eager to complete activities given to him. This weekend we have seen that Noah is verbally imitating with ease! This is NOT normal. It would take a ton of creativity to get Noah to imitate or say a word. He is trying to communicate with us more which is awesome. More signs, more requests AND we have also seen the beginning of two word phrases. He said "go dog" and "go bye." I am so thankful to the Lord that we are seeing healing and development. And I am so excited to see how the next clearing will go, and what great things Noah will do!

I will continue to post regular updates as we continue to treat Noah with CEASE therapy.

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