Friday, April 5, 2013

Taking a Break

Our homeopath decided that it is best that we give Noah a break this week and delay the next dosing of Hep B until next Wednesday. He is almost back to normal but he is still having a small bit of uncommon stimming behaviors and he is staying awake throughout the entire night, just like he did when he was a small baby. He wakes up every single hour crying and will not go back to sleep until he gets a bottle. He hasn't done this since he was 11-12 months old. I hope this passes quickly because it is wearing this mother down!

Our weekend is going to be busy. Gymboree class in the morning (the owner has decided to move Noah up to the next class!), a 2pm meeting with a service coordinator for the EDCD waiver (we will learn how many hours of help we qualify for) and I also plan to do a deep cleaning/organizing of the house in preparation for the newest member of the family- puppy Luna who arrives next weekend (so exciting!).

As always, I will continue to post updates on Noah as we continue CEASE therapy.

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