Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 4 CEASE Therapy- Not for the Faint of Heart

Wow! This past week was a doozy. We gave Noah his first dose of Hep B 30c on Thursday. By Saturday we were seeing a lot of emotional reactions-- crying, high pitch screaming.... just overly sensitive to everything. Noah is normally very easy going and laid back so this was not normal for him. A few times I also noticed that he would hold his breath and shake like he was very angry. We also saw an increase in stimming behaviors. We saw facial tics and weakness in his legs also this week. These are things we have not seen in many months.

I knew that this was a possibility, but man, did my anxiety shoot through the roof! No one wants to see their child go through this, much less show signs of days past and regressive behaviors. Our homeopath reassured me that this was a good sign. A sign that the toxins are coming to the surface. She reminded me that it gets worse before it gets better. I gave Noah a few epsom salt baths and we prayed ALOT. By Tuesday he was almost back to normal and in a fantastic mood. He was very verbal on Tuesday which was nice to see. We have delayed this weeks dose of Hep B so he can fully recover. We will give him another dose of 30c this week.

I will continue to give updates each week as we continue on our journey of healing our son!

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