Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Homeopathic Remedies have Arrived!

We received a package in the mail today from the homeopath. Our first set of remedies for Noah has arrived. She sent us the Hep B vaccine in various doses, Pulsatilla and Calcium Carbonica (she thinks that these both may be his constitutional remedy) and Aconite (to help prepare the body for detox).

I am a big ball of excitement and nerves. I am excited to start and to see how he does... but I am also nervous because I don't want to cause him any harm or discomfort. I know that the detox isn't going to be symptom-free but I am praying for mild reactions. The homeopath says that she is going to take it slow and steady to help him with the detox.

She wants Noah to begin to take Vitamin C. She also would like for him to begin with the Aconite remedy. I should be able to start this tomorrow. I will dissolve the small pellet in water and syringe it in to Noah's mouth. Aconite is supposed to help the body prepare itself for the upcoming detox.

We plan to start tomorrow!!! I will continue to update the blog with our experience as we begin homeopathy and CEASE therapy to help our son recover from autism.


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