Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sickness, Regression and a few updates

Noah has been sick since Tuesday. When this happens, we have to stop all of our normal activities-- gymboree, therapy, and intensive one on one play with Noah and just take care of him... hold him... make him as comfortable as possible. Let him watch more tv than we usually would. I know once he starts feeling better we will be back to our normal, crazy schedule. I don't mind a little break.

We were told yesterday he has an ear infection. The doctor knows I am against giving antibiotic. He told me that I could continue to monitor Noah- see if his fever goes over 102 or if his symptoms progressively get worse. If any of these things occur, I am to start antibiotic. So far, we have been keeping the ear infection at bay with Garlic drops. They seem to really work so I am praying that they allow Noah to fight this infection naturally.

With sickness comes regression--- words and signs that he usually uses disappears. Activities that he was doing prior to the sickness have stopped and stimming behaviors have taken their place. Shaking his head and pacing mostly. This makes him feel better I guess. I know the regression is due to him not feeling well but I still hate to see it. I am praying that he will bounce back when he begins to feel better.

In other news, I had my first consult with a CEASE certified classical homeopath. She spent about an hour on the phone with me, asking a lot of detailed questions about Noah... his life so far, issues we are seeing, his personality. I am excited to see what she believes his constitutional remedy is.

I also have a screener coming out to the house on Tuesday to do the UAI screening for the EDCD Medicaid waiver. We are praying that this is approved so we can provide Noah all of the therapy he is in need of!

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