Friday, January 11, 2013

Waiting Game and CEASE Therapy

So, I am feeling a little better today. These last few days have been hard. I have allowed myself to cry and talk about it and now I am back on the saddle.

Here are the treatments/interventions we are doing with Noah currently:

1) 1 hour of OT/week through Early Intervention- this will be increasing to 2 hours per week in the near future

2) GFCFSF diet

3) Cod Liver Oil

4) Probiotic

5) Constant interaction/redirection by my mother (she watches Noah while I work) and myself and my husband. Our OT has schooled us in doing "drills" with Noah on various toys/activities. We have been doing this for the last two months and we have seen a positive change in him. He has gone from fixating on balls, wheels and electronic buttons most of the day to playing with age appropriate toys with and without our involvement. We still monitor his play because he will quickly begin to fixate on parts of the toy and not use them as intended. We are also trying to implement some of the principles of ABA. Reinforcers and breaking down of tasks. Prompts. This seems to also be helping even though I know he needs intensive ABA for treatment.

We have found an online program for ABA therapy that is user friendly. It is called Rethink Autism. We will use this program until we receive ABA therapy in the home.

6) Epsom salt baths

7) Gymboree play groups 2-3xs per week for socialization.

Here are the treatments/interventions/resources we are waiting for:

1) The EDCD Medicaid waiver- I am praying that this will be our answer to cover some of the enormous costs of his treatment, which as of right now insurance is not covering.

2) Speech Therapy- we are on a waiting list for a spot to open up. I have no clue how long this will take.

3) ABA therapy in home- we are on 2 waiting lists and were told that there is a 4 to 6 month waiting list to begin these services as well.

4) We are waiting to see DAN! Doctor Mary Megson at the end of February. I am very excited to have this meeting and to gain an understanding of some of Noah's medical conditions.

5) I plan to add a multivitamin to Noah's regimen soon as well as enzymes. I am trying to implement everything in stages so it isn't too hard on him and so that I can see what is working and what is not.


So as we wait we are trying to stay busy. Continue to learn and read about treatments. Try to implement  some of the techniques on our own. Budget our money and save as much as possible.

I have also started reading about CEASE therapy and I am excited about what this treatment may offer Noah in his recovery.

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