Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homeopathy and CEASE therapy

I have recently learned about homeopathy and how it can specifically treat autism. I have talked with a classical homeopath and we are seriously considering going this route with Noah's treatment, before we pursue the biomedical treatment (supplements, chelation etc.).

The classical homeopath has been certified in CEASE therapy and she would be combining both classical and CEASE in treatment. At this point, with everything that has gone on, I want to make sure I am not doing anything that will cause him further harm or distress. We are praying that God will direct us to the best treatment for Noah. Like every other parent of a child with autism, we have a ton of different options as far as treatment goes---and we have to make really difficult decisions. All I know for sure is that I want Noah to function the best he possibly can... I want for Noah to have good health... to be able to live life without a ton of medications/supplements. I would love if he could eat normal foods again... if he could sleep through the night and tolerate bath time and social gatherings. I cannot wait for the day where he is able to talk like other children his age....

I am praying for God's direction as we move forward. I know that He will make it clear to us the path we should choose.

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