Thursday, January 17, 2013

God Answers Prayers

I have had some wonderful news lately and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is answering our prayers.

ABA therapy- we were on a waiting list that was 4 to 6 months long. I have been sooo upset at the wait time so I asked for a meeting with the director to see if she may be able to train us/provide advice of what we should do in the meantime. I met with her this past Monday. She is a BCBA and she spent a lot of time with me discussing Noah. At the end of our meeting she not only offered to train me and my family (for free!) to do ABA while we waited but she also bumped us up on the waiting list. We were told we only have to wait 4 weeks now, but I was just informed today it can start in 2 weeks!!!! This is a huge answer to prayer.

Financial Coverage- this has been one of the most stressful aspects for us- how are we going to afford the enormous costs of this therapy/treatment for Noah??? I was told last year that my child's insurance did not cover any ABA therapy. That we would have to foot the entire bill.... so that meant we could only afford the bare minimum..... so fast forward to today--- the counseling agency told me that many insurances are starting to cover this therapy and to check into it. I called not thinking much of this- and I was told that there is now an AUTISM BENEFIT to his insurance!!!!! What????!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I still don't know what exactly this means but it is a good sign whatever it is. Any help is more than nothing. This is also a huge answer to prayer.

In the worst of times, God is still there. It may not feel like it, but then things like this happen and you just know that He has been there through it all. THIS was the hand of God. I know without a DOUBT in my mind that God has been with us through the tears, the heartache, the fear... He has heard my desperate pleas for help and He has answered.

My heart is full of thankfulness. This has given me a much needed boost and hope that good days are ahead. That things will get better. Thank you Lord.

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