Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 1 DTaP Clearing- CEASE Therapy Update

We are finally back and have started the dreaded DTaP clearing. Noah was dosed on Monday and Thursday with a prep dose of 30x. And I was expecting the worst as we had a reaction immediately to the 30x of Hep B. And I waited and waited and nothing eventful. I know that this is just the very beginning and there will probably be reactions to come down the way. The only difference I saw was that Noah was more emotional than usual. He would have little breakdowns randomly throughout the day for no apparent reason.

Noah continues to do great. After the first month of our break he started doing so much better and I see him develop more and more each week. A few nights ago as we were heading to bed Noah kept asking for a cookie--- "cookie". When we told him no and explained that it was time for bed he then said "cookie please". Still we did not give him a cookie so he tried even harder and said "I want a cookie please". And if that wasn't amazing enough, he then said "I want a cookie and then night night." This little boy was bargaining with us! I just could not believe a short while ago he wasn't even talking and now we are seeing so many wonderful gains. I am just so thankful.

As we start this next clearing I will make sure to post weekly updates giving everyone the details of aggravations and gains from the DTaP. I am excited and nervous for this next chapter in our journey.

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